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Call For Proposals

Abolition Texas: Seeking Solutions Beyond the Death Penalty

May 18, 2019  – Houston, Texas

Call for Proposals

The Abolitionist Conference of Texas is a one day  gathering of organizing communities throughout Texas to help build a critical mass of individuals, organizations, and communities fighting the many issues associated with the death penalty and prison abolition. The aim of this conference is to learn from and build upon the success of current campaigns and activism with ongoing struggles, towards creating a broad-based, interconnected, intersectional, and ironclad movement. The content for the conference will include workshops, panel sessions, trainings, and information sessions.

For this year’s conference, we are seeking committed, skilled participants to engage in and develop mutual and collective education through a combination of panels, roundtables, and workshops.

If you would like to participate, please submit a brief paragraph ( 150 words or less) on your proposal. Please specify if you prefer to lead/facilitate a workshop, participate or moderate a roundtable discussion or panel.

Please send all submissions to

By May 3, 2019

(Deadline is suggested to best accommodate travel arrangements)

Potential topics:

Race and the death penalty, moral/religious opposition to the death penalty, class and legal representation, mental health issues, factors/ mitigating circumstances that influence both convictions and sentencing, solitary confinement and other prison conditions issues, prisoner support, queer and trans prisoner issues, environmental issues, alternative forms of justice, ending migrant detention, and other approaches to ending the carceral state.

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